Song Association



Inspired by the popular ELLE YouTube series, "Song Association" is an AR game on Instagram that prompts the user to sing a song using a word that has been randomly chosen for them. A voice effect option has also been added for versatility and humour.

Due to its sudden virality on TikTok, we were able to partner with Elle briefly on promoting the effect across additional social media channels.

Try it out on Instagram here!

The User Experience

In Development

Design Iterations in Figma

Concepts Applied

In Development

Maximizing Replay Value

In Development

The Result

Impressions: 61,961,082

Opens: 44,795,633

Captures: 24,023,806

Shares: 2,086,268

Last updated: 11/11/2021

Example Content

The Press

The filter was also featured in a few places:

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