5 Steps to Take Your Social Media to the Next Level with AR Filters


February 7, 2023

Are you ready to turn your social media presence into a work of art? Say goodbye to boring selfies and hello to a world of augmented reality (AR) filters! With just a few taps and swipes, you can transform your posts into eye-catching masterpieces that are sure to impress your followers.

At STELLAR, we specialize in creating custom AR filters for platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Whether you're looking to promote your brand, showcase your personality, or just have a little fun, our filters are the ultimate tool for boosting your social media presence.

So, how can you take your social media to the next level with AR filters? Here are 5 easy steps:

  1. Get inspired: Take a look at some of your favorite social media accounts and see what kind of AR filters they're using. Take note of what you like and what you don't like, and use that inspiration to guide your own filter choices.
  2. Choose the right platform: Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to AR filters. For example, Instagram is great for more polished, professional filters, while Snapchat is better for more playful, interactive filters. Choose the platform that best suits your needs and style.
  3. Invest in quality filters: Not all AR filters are created equal. Cheap, generic filters can make your posts look amateurish and uninspired. Invest in quality filters that are designed specifically for your brand or style, and that will enhance your overall look and feel.
  4. Get creative: Use AR filters to tell a story or showcase your personality. For example, you could create a "Song Association" filter that prompts users to sing different songs, or a "Mandela Effect" filter that has users choose between two options of a common Mandela effect. These types of filters are not only engaging and fun, but they also help you stand out from the crowd.
  5. Interact with your audience: Use AR filters to encourage interaction with your followers. For example, you could create a "Guess the Gibberish" filter that challenges users to decode a string of gibberish letters, or a "Which One Are You?" filter that has users choose between two options based on their personality or preferences. These types of filters not only create a sense of community, but they also help you build a stronger connection with your audience.

In conclusion, the power of AR filters cannot be overstated when it comes to boosting your social media presence. So, why wait? Get inspired, choose the right platform, invest in quality filters, get creative, and interact with your audience. You'll be amazed at the results!

Don't miss out on the chance to take your social media to the next level. Contact STELLAR today to learn more about our custom AR filters, and how they can help you reach your goals!

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