Red Bull Basement Panel
Oct 21, 2020

Red Bull Basement Panel

On October 21st, Red Bull Basement will be joining forces with MLH to do a live streamed panel during Local Hack Day: Learn. This panel will feature hackers who have turned their passions into more than a side project. Similar to MLH, the Red Bull Basement program aims to empower the next generation of young innovators to develop their ideas and use tech to find solutions. This panel will cover everything from hackathons to incubator programs and beyond from several young innovators. You can look forward to hearing from hackers such as Xyla Foxlin, Sabrina Cruz, Christopher Gu, and Julian DiVito.

Xyla Foxlin

Xyla Foxlin graduated in 2019 from Case Western Reserve University with a B.S.E in General Engineering and a concentration in Mechatronics and Creative Technology, as well as a minor in Studio Art. She is a firm believer that femininity and engineering are not mutually exclusive and aspires to be the kind of role model that shows young girls the way they present themselves has no bearing on their technical skill. She began YouTubing in college with the channel Beauty and the Bolt, as a way to provide public makerspaces access to free tutorial videos. Eventually Beauty and the Bolt filed as a 501c3 nonprofit where Xyla serves as Executive Director. For more information, visit

Sabrina Cruz

Sabrina Cruz is a digital media producer best known for her YouTube presence where she makes educational content by combining her skills in research, writing, and motion design. She has amassed an online audience of over 350,000 while studying for her degree in mathematics and economics. Learn more at

Christopher Gu

Christopher (Chris) Gu is a 5th-year computer science student at Missouri University of Science and Technology. In his time at MS&T, he co-founded their first ever hackathon, PickHacks, and continues to help hackers at his school and in the Midwest access tech opportunities and resources. Chris is also known for his work creating augmented reality filters on Instagram, such as Guess the Gibberish, Which Dog Breed R U?, Head Beat, Karaoke Roulette, Roast Me, Pronounce, Slit Scan, and many more, which have garnered over 4.3 billion views. Check out his filters at @gu_christopher and other work at

Julian DiVito

Julian is a recent business graduate from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. While in school he fell in love with tech and helping others. He is passionate about mental health and is currently working to improve access and overall care to University students.

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